Santa's grotto at home

 A unique, truly magical experience this would be!!


Santa will not only come to your house, but he will bring his magic portable grotto too!


You will need to ensure you keep your children away from the garden / drive / windows while the grotto is set-up and then once ready, simply walk the children out of the house to see Santa in their garden!!!


Feel free to lend Santa, a family member's favourite mug, or pillow etc. Some parents like to have pre-wrapped a special early Christmas present which Santa will deliver.


This is a ready printed 3 metre x 3 metre gazebo which will pop up in your garden or on your driveway. 


A hard surface such as a patio is required as otherwise Santa's boots / outfit may get a little wet / muddy and he has lots of people to see.


There is no set price / number of children / time on this experience and it can be adapted to suit other events etc.


Santa is based near Llantrisant in South Wales, so travel time, expenses etc must be considered.


Get in touch with what you are looking for and we can take it from there. We anticipate the cost being in the region of £100 for a local visit.


E-mail us at




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Ho ho ho! Santa is happy to bring some magic to your family this Christmas!