Our Santa is nearly 40, and has always been Santa for community events, in a children's playcentre, gone around on the back of a sleigh leading up to Christmas and the like.


Our Santa has previously always had an artificial beard, however, he hates them, so this year he has grown a real one. The pictures below were taken on the 20th November 2021 and will hopefully be what our Santa looks like all season.


Our Santa is a trained school teacher, having spent 12 years in secondary schools he has also worked in a primary and an additional needs school. He is a DBS check on the update service which you can be directed to if you would like to see it.


Our Santa lives near Llantrisant in South Wales, so please consider this when making your requests, as one visit somewhere far afield means lots of local visits can not be carried out, could incur an overnight stay etc.


Santa is married and has two children aged 12 and 11. We all believe in the magic of Christmas.

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Ho ho ho! Santa is happy to bring some magic to your family this Christmas!